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Window Cleaning Insurance

Can be expensive

Window cleaning insurance can be very high due to the high risk nature of the job. However, since the introduction of safer methods using water fed poles, insurance companies are starting to recognize that window cleaning does not have to be a high risk. So it’s a good idea to use an insurance company that are aware of the particular needs of window cleaners such as the ones listed above. You will need public liability in case any third parties or property etc. are damaged whilst working. Employers liability is the expensive one. This is required by law for those employing staff. If an employee has an accident and you have no employers liability you will have serious problems.


The cost of insurance will depend on what the nature of your window cleaning activities involve and the measure of risk involved for each. There are also different levels of liability cover. Some aspects of cover you should check up on are:

  • Does the policy cover damage to property (eg. windows whilst cleaning them?
  • Do I need extra cover for the use MEWPS? (cherry pickers, boom or scissor lifts)
  • What level of indemnity do my customers require? (Commercial customers may require you as a contractor to have more than the standard 1million indemnity cover.)
  • Don’t forget that you need business use insurance for your vehicle even if you use a car. Transporting your ladders or pole system is use for business and failure to have the correct type of insurance could cause your insurance to be void.
  • Check that the contents of your van including the pure water system and poles are covered. Some have had these stolen and been disappointed to learn later that they were not covered by the policy

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